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Unlocking the Secrets: Digital Marketing in the Real Estate Realm

As real estate agents, we are always looking to find new ways to promote our services and grow our business. Technology has become an integral part of most industries, and digital marketing is no exception.

If you’re reading this article, then you already know that technology plays a significant role in how successful your realtor career will be. You can either use it to improve upon what you’re doing now or create something new from scratch!

While some of these tactics have been around longer than others, they still make up a large chunk of what people refer to as ‘digital marketing’.

So what are they? Let’s dive into them one by one.

Social media

what is digital marketing in real estate

While creating your business’s website is an integral part of digital marketing, it is not the only piece. As we have seen so far, websites are powerful tools to promote your real estate agency!

But how will people find you if you don’t “live online?” You must establish social media accounts that people can access to learn more about you and your services.

You should have personal profiles on all major platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as well as forums and groups related to your field.

By establishing these accounts, you are sharing information about yourself and what you offer with the world. This is also a way to reach out to other professionals in the industry and get inspiration or tips from them!

It is important to be authentic and honest with your followers, but at the same time, make sure to keep yourself focused on promoting your business.

No one else will do this for you – it is up to you to grow your audience and strengthen your brand.

Content marketing

what is digital marketing in real estate

So what is content marketing, you ask? It’s when your business creates content that people want to read, see, or interact with. The content can be done online through blogs, social media, advertisements, etc.

Content marketing has become very popular in the past few years due to the availability of free content tools like Facebook and YouTube. People have become sick and tired of seeing expensive advertisement after expensive advertisement, so they give their permission for companies to use their pictures and videos to promote products.

By creating our own content, we are taking one step closer towards having our real estate office be seen and heard by as many potential clients and sellers as possible. We will also create an audience who trusts us and comes back to see what we have to say!

Content marketing can include writing articles, posting comments on forums, creating Youtube videos, and anything else that takes up time but doesn’t cost money. These things can easily be done outside of work so it does not distract from other responsibilities workers may have.

Running a real estate business includes keeping busy, so this article has given you some tips on how to start doing digital marketing yourself without too much effort.

Online ads

A growing number of real estate agents now advertise their services using digital media to attract clients. This includes advertising your business on social media sites, posting pictures and advertisements on property listing websites, creating an online profile or website for your business, and investing in advertisement campaigns such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

By using technology to promote your business, you’re not only reaching more people but you can also target your audience much better!

It is very common for real estate professionals to use both traditional and digital marketing strategies at once. Some stay focused on old-fashioned methods like meeting with other members of the community to gain exposure while others develop and implement new techniques to grow their business.

What is important to remember about digital marketing for realtors is that it does not stop when the advertisement campaign ends. You will need to keep updating and developing your pages to make sure they are still relevant and find new ways to get reach.

Face-to-face marketing

what is digital marketing in real estate

One of the most important forms of real estate marketing is face to face interactions with potential clients or customers. This includes things like meeting at a house tour, having a seller interview, showing a property, etc.

Real estate agents spend A LOT OF TIME doing these types of activities!

It’s so common for agents to meet with dozens of home buyers and sellers every week, which makes sense given that they are typically paid per transaction.

But how much time does it really take to have a successful conversation with one individual?

The average cost per hour for an agent is around $200-$250 (depending on whether you are working with a full time professional or not).

Reputation management

what is digital marketing in real estate

Another important part of digital marketing for real estate agents is reputation or social media management. This includes ensuring that your agent profile looks good, responding to comments and questions about your business, and keeping conversations positive.

As mentioned before, negative reviews can have serious consequences for your agency. If you find one comment that goes too far, write an appropriate response and down-vote accordingly.

If several comments pile up, respond with more details and examples as to why you believe the review to be inaccurate or unfair. Keep calm and carry on!

Your agent status and overall online presence are two major parts of your brand. Make sure it looks great!

Another way to protect your reputation is by using certain tools to prevent fraudulent activity. For example, most companies offer free credit card applications where you can list yourself as an applicant.

By verifying this information, Re/Max will know that these applications come from you and not someone else. This helps ensure that no one masquerades as you when applying for loans.

Digital libraries

what is digital marketing in real estate

Another important part of digital marketing for real estate agents is establishing yourself as an author in the field by creating educational resources like books, blogs, or videos.

You can create these resources free online platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Blogger, or YouTube. Some will even offer you paid accounts to make your content more prominent!

By having an active presence on the internet, this gives people a way to access your knowledge and expertise. You may also earn revenue from the products and services that you recommend because of the effects they have on your product.

For example, if you are selling a house, you can use materials and tools to describe how to improve a home’s efficiency so it will cost less to heat and cool. These things could include tips about replacing windows, finding energy efficient furnaces, etc.

These types of resources can help promote your business and generate income while doing nothing but sitting around waiting for people to visit your site.

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