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Exploring the Diverse World of Content Marketing: How Many Types Are There?

Creating your content marketing strategy is not a one-and-done activity, it’s an ongoing process that requires time, energy, and resources. It will also require you to constantly evaluate what strategies are working for you and what aren’t.

That sounds more complicated than it really is! If you’re already creating some forms of content (for example, posting blogs or producing YouTube videos), then you’ve got a start.

By adding additional types of content to your repertoire, you’ll be developing your brand more effectively. You’ll also want to keep track of how different formats perform in order to determine which ones are worth investing time in.

There are several types of content marketers out there who create their own material, but most use other people’s materials as part of their campaign. This article will talk about why this is important to do as well as some tips and tricks for incorporating others’ work into your business model.

Online courses-oriented

how many types of content marketing

There are two types of content that most brands use in their marketing strategies – how to guides or eBooks, and online courses. Both can be done by any company, at any time, but there is a difference in what each one serves.

The first type of content focuses more on teaching you the steps to do a specific task or tool. These are usually referred to as “how to” resources or tutorials. They typically cost around $10–$20 per book depending on the length and detail.

The second type of content is an “online course” which is much longer than a normal eBook (usually several months long) and costs far more. An online course will normally cover everything from the history of the industry to who the top players are to what tools and materials they used during production.

Most people agree that both types of content are important for success in the world of filmmaking.

Online quizzes-oriented

how many types of content marketing

Online quiz games are one of the most common types of content marketing you will find online. They’re fun to play, cost nothing to create, and can be done in any genre or style.

Mostly people make use of them for educational purposes, but they don’t need to. You can create an entertaining game that teaches about a product or field. For example, there are many trivia apps that teach users everything from how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie to which smartphone brand is more popular than Amazon.

There are several ways to create your own quiz app so this isn’t something that needs to be limited to just you. You can create it yourself, or look into creating yours as a freelance writer or business owner.

Content writing doesn’t necessarily only mean writing paragraphs, it can also include developing mini-quizzes or questions/answers. This can easily be done via question and answer (FAQ) sites like, Yahoo! Answers, and The Chive.

Online reviews-oriented

how many types of content marketing

Recent trends in content marketing focus more on giving readers an opportunity to leave comments or feedback about products and services. These types of content are often referred to as online review articles, testimonials, critiques, or recommendations.

Many large corporations have their internal systems for gathering such information. But what if you’re like most small business owners? You don’t have that kind of resources!

That’s where we come in. We create valuable content so others can share their experiences with you. By leaving an honest review, they give your company some exposure while promoting yours.

It’s a win-win situation! And there’s no need to spend lots of money on advertising either; you’re paying people to promote for you.

Content designed to draw attention and inspire action is the best type of content for this. Product comparisons, how-to guides, and stories are all excellent options.

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